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New European Research on Contemporary China Conference

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This conference (July 4-6, 2016) aims to bring together doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers and recent PhDs based in China, either European nationals or affiliated with European research institutions, in order to produce an overview of the emerging problematics in Chinese studies. The focus of the conference is on contemporary China, in a multi-disciplinary social science perspective.The reforms launched in the late 1970s have deeply transformed Chinese society, but also research on China: the theoretical and methodological challenges raised by reform-era China have opened up a vast laboratory for researchers in humanities and social sciences. Along with the growing exchanges between China and Europe, the number of European doctoral candidates and recent PhDs in humanities and social sciences doing research in and studying contemporary China has increased; many young Chinese scholars also choose to bring their expertise on contemporary China to European academic institutions. They all represent the future of European research on contemporary China.The main purpose of the third edition of this Conference is to provide a forum for these young researchers at the European level and in China to engage with each other’s work and foster a better understanding of economic and socio-political processes at work in contemporary China as well as at an international level as China is becoming an increasingly important global actor.The Conference will be an occasion to facilitate exchanges on common research subjects, compare perspectives and methodologies, and promote interdisciplinary dialogue. By providing a space for debate and reflection, the Conference intends to contribute to the emergence of more diverse theoretical approaches of contemporary China, both in its domestic and international dimensions. It will enable the participants not only to expand their network and broaden their horizon, but also to take part in the construction of research networks and promote China-Europe dialogue.