Type d'événement, date(s) et adresse(s)Conférence
Du à 8h au à 1h.
Maison de l’Asie (Grand Salon) - 22, avenue du Président Wilson 75116 Paris

Pre-Modern Korean Studies in Europe: Results, Projects, and Prospects

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Pre-Modern Korean Studies in Europe: Results, Projects, and Prospects

The objective of the conference is to bring together in an unprecedented academic event most of the European or Europe-based pre-modemists in Korean Studies. The number of these scholars, studying mostly Koryô and Chosôn periods, is rather sizeable and there is now a need to offer them the opportunity to discuss in a more detailed manner about their respective researches, projects, and achievements in order to consider the future prospects of the field.

The main scientific goal is to obtain a comprehensive overview of what European pre-modemists are currently researching and working on, in both personal and collective projects. It will consist in two moments. The first one, divided itself into two sessions, will be dedicated to book presentations and translations. The second moment, the second and third days, will be the time of individual presentations. Each speaker will be totally free to talk about their research work or publication projects. A concluding discussion will be focused on a collective reflection about possible collaborations, common research directions, problems and limitations, and future prospects, including the creation of a new association.

The Conference is set in the context of the 2015-2016 France-Korea Years (tf- s|]), on the 130th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Korea. It is also meant as a tribute to late Professor Daniel Bouchez who was a founding figure of pre-modern Korean Studies in France but also in Europe.

Programme Pre-Modern KS in Europe Paris 2016