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Les Jésuites et l'astronomie à Pékin, 1660-1670 (avec Catherine Jami)
Histoire des mathématiques et de l'astronomie en Chine

Communications (Colloques, journées d'études)

"Two accounts of the construction and operation of the seismoscope constructed by Zhang Heng 張衡 (78-139 CE)" Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, mai 2017.

"Some new Portuguese (and other) light on a Chinese conflict, 1666-1669", 15th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia, Jeonju, Republique de Corée, août 2019.

"How to misunderstand a diagram: The eccentric/equant model in a 17th century Jesuit Chinese text" Diagram Diversity in the Light of Digital Humanities: Types and Ambiguous Cases 2nd International Workshop, Observatoire de Paris. mars 2022.


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