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Yu-yueh Tsai

Yu-yueh Tsai

Dr. Yu-Yueh Tsai's research interests focus on medical sociology, cultural sociology, qualitative method, and film and social intervention. Her current project analyzes why and how genetic discourse and research as a form of state-of-the-art life science has influenced the research, knowledge and policy implications regarding aboriginal origin, identity, health and biopolitical citizenship in Taiwan since the 1990s. In 2009 she published the book Mental Disorder of the Tao Aboriginal Minority in Taiwan: modernity, social change, and the origin of social suffering, and later she co-edited Abnormal people? psychiatry and the governance of modernity in Taiwan in 2018 and Post Genomic Taiwan: Shifting Paradigms and Challenges in 2019. Dr. Tsai is also a director for the documentary film. Her film “Ward 85033” is the first one that deals with the medical malpractice and particular medical culture in Taiwan.


Indigenous DNA as a Metaphor: Scientific Debates on the Rediscovery of Taiwanese Ancestry and Nation-Building


  • Dans le cadre du séminaire « Taïwan et ses lieux de mémoire : lien, espace et distance » animé par Samia Ferhat
  • 26 mai 2023, 16h30-18h30, EHESS, salle AS1_08, 54 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris.

From strategic scientific essentialism to de-essentialism: Genetic Science and the Name Rectification Movement of the Thao(邵)Indigenous peoples in Taiwan

  • Dans le cadre du séminaire « Taïwan et ses lieux de mémoire : lien, espace et distance » animé par Samia Ferhat
  • 2 juin 2023, 10h-12h, EHESS, salle AS1_23, 54 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris.