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China's Urban Century

Governance, environment and socio-economic imperatives

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François Gipouloux

ISBN 13 978 1 78471 508 3

The achievements of China’s urbanization should not be evaluated solely in terms of adequate infrastructures, but also in their ability to implement sound governance practices to ensure social, environmental and economic development. This book addresses several key challenges faced by Chinese cities, based on the most recent policies and experiments adopted by central and local governments. The contributors offer an interdisciplinary analysis of the urbanization process in China, and examine the following key topics: the institutional foundations of Chinese cities, the legal status of the land, the rural to urban migration, the preservation of the urban heritage and the creation of urban community, and the competitiveness of Chinese cities. They define the current issues and challenges emerging from China’s urbanization.

Liste complète des auteurs : Chi-Han Ai, Luis Balula, Olivia Bina, Kam Wing Chan, Hongfeng Chen, Debin Du, Miguel Elosua, Stephan Feuchtwang, Françoise Ged, François Gipouloux, Wei Gong, Sébastien Goulard, Ying Hu, Li Huang, Athar Hussain, Shantong Li, Paula Morais, Pengfei Ni, Oriane Pillet, Yongjian Pu, Yong Shao, Jing Tan, Jingya Wang, Ailun Xiong, Wei Xu, Zhigang Yuan, Hui Zhang

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