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Gateways To Globalisation

Asia’s International Trading and Finance Centres

Editions Edward Elgar
Lien(s) externe(s) Edward Elgar
ISBN 13 978 1 78471 508 3

L’ouvrage de François Gipouloux, Gateways To Globalisation, Asia’s International Trading and Finance Centres (éditions Edward Elgar, 2011, 288 p.) paraît en anglais. Cet ouvrage est l’aboutissement du projet ANR International Trading Hubs in East & Southeast Asia, 2055-2008, conduit par François Gipouloux.

Asia’s trading and financial hubs have become global cities which frequently have more in common and closer linkages with each other than with their corresponding hinterlands. As this book expounds, these global cities illustrate to what extent world trends deeply penetrate and permeate the national territorial interiors and processes that were otherwise presumed to be controlled by the State.